Friday, March 15, 2013

Life is too short to live for others

 Good morning friends and fans!
The last week has been full of lifes lessons for me. I learned a lot and gained much too and most importantly I helped others feel good about themselves too.

 Life is too short to live by another person's rules. Life is meant to be experienced and learned and everybody has a right to do as they please, as long it doesn't harm others, without fear of back lash for it.

I have decided to live life for myself and my kids and loved ones and no one else.


I also uploaded some new pictures of my newest works! Ive been making food and plates lately. I REALLY enjoy hand painting them! Tiny painting is so fun!! I also made some broccoli and salads and am going to be working on some French cookies and pastries.
I am going to be going back to work within a few weeks and its a full time job so I wont have much time for minis during the concert season. I will check in when I can and say hi here and there but my job will be first on my list :-)
I am hoping to get a large enough inventory to stock my Etsy while Im gone. I dont have much in there right now, but soon I will be stocking my shop up so keep checking back in and see what goodies I've listed!

Here's a list of all the things I'm working on in my workshop:
  • Dark Shabby Collection
  • Seaside Kitchen Collection
  • Hand Painted Plates, Tea Sets and Decorative Ceramics
  • French Cookies and Pastries
  • Fresh Salad Sets and Mixes
  • Ice Cold Lemonades and Juices
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
Phew! Lol :-)
I always have more than one project going on....I'm like a little hummingbird, I just cant sit still for a moment and do JUST ONE thing lol. I also always try to have a variety of things in my shop. I dont like doing just one item or specializing in one particular thing. I like to be all over and everywhere and do what fits my mood at that time. Right now, Im feeling "spring-y" lol. Its finally beginning to get warm where I'm at (California) and it makes me so happy! I really dislike being cold and frozen all the time and having to bundle up and wear all those layers. When Im cold, I cant do anything but huddle up in a ball and shiver lol.
Heres a couple pics to show what Ive been up to lately, hope you all have a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend!!
The plates before I painted them and a little food ;)

Plates of Broccoli and a dime to show scale (1:12)

The plates after being painted

More plates after being painted

Close up of 1:12 Scale Broccoli
 Love and hugs to you all!! <3

=[ -Leia- ]=

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