Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Change Is Good

Hi everyone!!
Its been a while...again lol. I have been working though, both at my miniatures and my day job. I work as a receptionist at my local Amphitheatre during the concert season and this year it is April through October. I love my job out there, its the only job Ive ever really felt 'at home' with. The only downside is that it makes for less time to create my miniatures :-( Its a fair trade though if you ask me lol.
Lately, Ive been working on my French confections and still trying to decide how to finish the cafe counter off....its going slow but its going. I got distracted by the idea of making some plates :-)
I have made little clay plates before, for my food or just for fun, and I absolutely loved it. I'm not sure what it is about them but there's just something SO exciting about making little plates. I love the endless possibility's when it comes to the decorating of the plates. I quit making them for a while and I was even apprehensive about making them the way I have lately because of some really childish drama, but no more. I think its really stupid for someone in the mini world to think they're the ONLY PERSON that makes a certain type of something. Like plates for instance. Even if you only make one thing in your business, you can probably guarantee you aren't the only one making whatever it is you're making, unless you've come up with something genius that nobody's ever seen lol. With all that being said, some people still feel like that and hate on others for doing what they do. I personally am not one of those people. On my Facebook page, I constantly share and like and comment on other mini makers things, even if they make the same kinds of things I make. But, as we all know, everybody is different :-)
Now, with all of THAT being said hahaha, I have made a bunch of these fabulous little decorated plates and plan on making these as part of what I do. Theyre just too much fun not to!! So now, the list will be food, furniture, and dinnerware/cookware ceramics. Yay for expansion! Heres a pic of the plates....I know its not a great picture, but I just took this to show people what Ive been doing, these arent the nice portfolio type pictures I like.

Bear in mind, these are the first ones Ive ever made like this :-) I still have a few things to perfect. I do love it though, very relaxing to make these.
Ok, so now that all that is out of the way lol, I also have some other really exciting news!! I had sold a cake to a lovely woman by the name of Arlena Schott. She teaches people how to make their own miniature/fairy gardens. She had informed me that my cake was going on tour with her and I was really excited but just the other day, she was on TV and so was my cake!!! I wasnt expecting that!!She was even sweet enough to give me a shout out :-)
Her classes are super informative, and she did really well in the interview. Here is a link to her Facebook page for her TV show, Garden Wise Living, its a wonderful page with lots of ideas. She on tour with Jeremie Miniatures on the Magical Miniature Garden Workshop Tour, heres where to find dates and times: Garden Wise Events. Also, if you were curious to see the two part interview she did on WEAU, heres the link for that as well, Miniature Fairy Garden Interview WEAU. 
It was so amazing seeing my cake on TV and even hearing her say my business name. However, she accidentally called my biz "Misunderstood Miniatures" which has happened before with other people and it got me thinking....maybe it is time to change my name. I had thought about it before....I mean, it is kind of long and confusing lol. Its not the easiest thing to remember either I assume. It definitely sounds like 'misunderstood'. Only trouble is, every place I am at has that name on it. I am "Misunderheard" pretty much everywhere on the internet. It will take some time to transition, but I think I really would like to change my name. "Leia V Miniatures" sounds good.....maybe.
Ok, I am off to go work!! If any of you have any thoughts of my name change, let me know!! Im open to suggestions!! <3
 ={ Leia }=