Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New finds and ideas!!

Afternoon everybody!!
I wanted to share with all of you my newest finds at my local Michael's crafting store!

  In the first pic: a big bag of Balsa wood, a package of asst wood circles, a package of asst wood squares, blue tile stickers, pink tile stickers, and an awesome picture frame thats going to be a mirror or awesome headboard!!!!

The second pic has my favorite finds :D A whole pack of amazing crochet pink doilies!!!!! Theyre 'scrapbooking embellishments' :D The wood circles are gorgeous, theyre going to be tables! Same thing with the other wood planks. I also got a roll of lace tape.

Im really excited about getting to work on these new projects!  Ive been wanting to make furniture lately and home accessories...not so much food. I have however done a few custom food orders lately. Pics to come soon, I am waiting for the buyers to see them first! <3
Much love! Hope you all have great days!!

=[ -Leia- ]=

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