Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration! and a few places where I get it from

Good Afternoon everyone!

I often wonder where a lot of my miniature artist friends get their inspiration from and so, today, I decided to share with all of you where I get mine, in case anybody was wondering lol.
Inspiration comes from all over. Sometimes its people, or places or just things. A little tea pot charm can inspire a whole series of little fantasy teapots for someone.

So, here is a list of just a few of the many sites I go to for inspiration:

  • Pinterest- This would probably be where I go the most right now lol. As with everybody else I know it seems. This site is fantastic for gathering ideas and keeping them organized here, instead of clogging up your browsers favorites folder. 
  • The Mini Food Blog- A wonderful blog with lots of pictures of fantastic handmade miniature food. Lots of amazing artists get featured on this blog weekly. They post daily sometimes, other times weekly, so keep checking back for new items. They have lots of links on the sidebar also. Artist galleries, auctions, stores, tutorials, etc. You can also apply to have your food shown on the blog.
  • Clay Lessons-On this site, you can find lots of various polymer clay techniques and tutorials. Some cost money, some do not. All of the tutorials are PDF files, so you need Adobe or another file reading program like that to view them. Theres tutorials on caning, beads, imprinting, figurines, and a lot more. You can sign up to be a teacher also if you have something you want to share. You can share for free or ask for a small fee. 
  • Dream of Doll BJD's- This is a site for Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD). Now, I know these arent miniatures or anything close to what I make, but these fabulous dolls still inspire me to make gorgeous things somehow! (Lol) I want to start a collection of my own BJD's. I think me and my daughter will be starting with the less expensive 'Monster High' dolls are re-spraying and re-painting those. Totally customize them :-) Its exciting just thinking about!! 
  • CDHM- This place has absolutely awesome customer service. The membership fee is minimal and the wonderful advertising that CDHM offers for me is so helpful! My popularity increased a good deal after joining this organization. Theres lots of inspiration here too though! Searching through their artist gallery is great and "the Miniature Way" online magazine they offer is super helpful and fun! Tutorials, event listings and dates, lots of fun stuff online. The community is also amazing too. They also give you a blog with your membership and access to exclusive forums about miniatures.

If you would like more information on any of the above mentioned websites, feel free to comment or email me at
Happy creating everybody!
=[ -Leia- ]=

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