Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life lessons and new items!

Hi everybody :)
Its your long lost blogger author Leia again LOL.
I swear, I have the hardest time updating things but only during the summer time.....hehehe its because the sun beckons me to come out and explore the world! lol
I have SO many new things to show off since my last post so, without further ado, here they are.....

I am continuing the series of pastries and will have those available to buy for a long time. I am also adding more plates to my Forest Hill collection and making other series and sets of plates. I have recently become obsessed with painting metal and wooden miniatures so I will most likely have lots of custom colored bakeware, cookware, silverware, serving sets, dinnerware, and more. As always, if you cant find what youre looking for PLEASE dont hesitate to email me. I typically respond within 24-36 hours.
The past few weeks have been busy and enlightening to me. Ive been working a lot and trying to catch up on collection and series and sets but in-between all of that, Ive been doing a lot of soul searching.
Ive been asking myself a lot of questions and getting a lot of honest answers back.
I may not be very old, but I am also not very young either...and in the time Ive been here on this earth, Ive learned a couple of truths that may very well apply to just about everybody. Real good, honest, inspiring, and humbling truths. Heres a few of them:
                                                                   KEEP CALM AND MAKE MINIS
            Its not always about you 
                                                        Always listen to your instincts and intuition

You cant let people put their hands on your life like a remote control

Don't let someone rent space in your head for free. Chances are, they wouldn't let you stay one night in theirs. 
                                  Don't sweat the small stuff.......really 

                 You get what you give                               You are your own worst enemy and biggest fan

I know a lot of you know these already and maybe even practice them daily but theres a chance some dont, so thats why Im sharing :)

Have a happy Tuesday and don't forget to follow my Facebook for more updates and photos! 

=[ -Leia- ]=

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